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11976 Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90304
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Are you ready to learn if you need braces?

The condition of your teeth largely determine the suitability of braces for you. Braces are well suited to fix teeth misalignment, gaps in teeth, and overbite or underbite issues.
Are any of your teeth crooked, protruding, overlapping or crowded?
Do you have gaps between your teeth?
Do your upper front teeth stick out further than your bottom front teeth or vice versa?
Are your teeth or jaws out of proportion in size as compared to your face?
Braces help in fixing certain speech and chewing problems. Braces can also help reduce the effects of clenching and grinding of your teeth by improving the alignment of your teeth.
Do your jaws make a sound or move when you open and close your mouth?
Do you have any difficulty chewing?
Do you have any speech problems such as a lisp, whistle like sound when pronouncing certain sounds or mumble?
Do you often clench or grind your teeth?
Do you habitually chew on external objects such as pencils or pen caps?
Braces fix issues like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw position and underbite or overbite in the teeth. If untreated, these problems can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist can advise you as to how braces can improve your oral health.
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